2014 – Year in Review

Well, 2014. You have come and gone and now comes that time to reminisce and squirm at all of the experiences I’ve been through this past year. I’ve never experienced the highest of highs, but the lowest of lows.

We started the year with the awful news about a friend. A death will never get easy, never be fully understood and never see closure. I was gutted and felt depleted, but in such an unfortunate circumstance I was able to lean on family and friends like I’ve never done before. I’ve become closer to friends I re-connected with that I know will be friends forever. I can never wish something like this on anyone, but I know that I would have never met such amazing people as I have in my life if it hadn’t be for experiencing something so tragic.

I’ve also learned that health is the most important thing we have in our lives. How quickly that can be taken away or the course of our lives changed because of it. I’ve seen some face their health head on this year, undeniably questioning why they are faced with such difficulties. The strength one gets when overcoming such difficulties no doubt requires super hero powers but I trust that we are all faced with situations that god knows we can handle.

I’ve also know that laughter and a good conversation is the cure all. I have a husband that without a doubt keeps me on my toes, livening up any conversation but is also there to listen when I just need to vent. I have friends who call and immediately brighten my day and I have family that I can count on for sound advice or a good laugh. There is nothing that can compare to that.

2014 was a building year, it certainly was a year I learned a lot about myself. I’ve gained more confidence, patience and compassion. Here’s to 2015 and seeing what’s in store.


Most of the month was spent enjoying downtown Denver – living in our downtown apartment and walking to so many great restaurants and bars. It was also the month that we learned of our dear friend who went missing. We connected with her amazing friends and threw a benefit.

Best of January:


Scotty and I began our quest to search for our forever home. Renting downtown had started waring thin when my car was broken into (amazingly nothing was stolen, just damaged), sporadic late night fire alarms and the constant need for space (storing Christmas decorations under our bed reminded me so much of college and I was ready to move on). We searched so many neighborhoods and found quite a few lemons but we instantly fell in love with York Street. We put an offer and it was ours! I’ll spare the boring details but it took us several months before it was actually in our possession…that taught me a thing or two about patience that’s for sure.

The broncos made it to the Super Bowl! Let’s not talk about the outcome, but we sure enjoyed watching them win all season and I got to wear my awesome broncos socks to celebrate.

We also found closure in learning of the death of our friend who had been missing. Her laughter and memories will never be forgotten.

Best of February:


Life certainly felt like it had been flipped upside down in February and March. Between the constant house hunt, stress of my job and emotional state – I can now admit that I was in a cloud, a daze really. Too many experiences had been put in front of me and I couldn’t cope.  I didn’t have the tools to. I took this month to rebuild. Focusing on my relationships and work. I was fortunate to be nominated into a Leadership Program with the Downtown Denver Partnership and started that. I committed a lot to my work, being promoted to Manager and began the process of hiring help.IMG_2767

Scotty and I road tripped to Texas for the funeral and we were very fortunate to spend a considerable amount of dashboard time talking about our goals, dreams and aspirations. We were also able to rely on his family for positive support and love. I will never forget the week that we were there, our nephew Ryan just could not, and would not stop giving me so much love. Lots of hugs and always wanting to sit on my lap. I really think he sensed my need for love – it was a very profound experience.

Best of March:


This was our month of homeownership. We bought our dream house but it was no where in the condition we wanted it to be when we moved in. Scotty and I spent countless hours and heated conversations (nothing tests your relationship like a remodel) figuring out the budget, the colors, the appliances, etc. Looking back, I’m glad we did it that way, but spending a month doing it all was uber stressful. We would come home from work and immediately go to the house, we would spend our weekends at Home Depot and mornings painting. It was tough, really tough.

Through difficult times come incredible memories. My bestie went through an awful relationship and I was the fortunate recipient of an extra ticket she had for Coachella. I could never turn down such an incredible experience like that and a chance to see her, hug her, and laugh with her again. We both needed this weekend away, a time to just forget reality even exists. We would spend the days lounging at the pool and nights dancing our faces off to Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding and dozens of other incredible performers. It’s the Woodstock of our generation AND I GOT TO GO!! Damn sure glad she dumped that guy for so many reasons. One more selfish than the others;)

Best of April:


Our official move in! We packed up our boxes quickly and in one day had all of our stuff in the new house. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing all of our hard work pay off and to live in a place that just speaks who Scotty and I are. Oh, and to have SPACE! I have a place to put everything, it’s so satisfying not to have to search for clothes in another room or find my pots in the linen closet.

Scotty and I and a few friends also spent his birthday weekend down in NOLA. It was my first trip and what a town. We went there for Jazz fest. The weather was perfect (sometimes a bit hot for me, but everyone else liked it). I got to try all of the local favorites and even bought a vintage cajun cookbook that I’m hoping to use soon. There is definitely the rawness of New Orleans that we saw, but the town has a very majestic feel to it. The old buildings, jazz performers on the streets and incredible food. The southern charm sucked me in.IMG_2323

I also started to train for a race we were doing with a group of friends in July. I’ll never forget the dreadful first run with Scotty. He was practically dragging me the entire two miles. Little did I know that the itch would start and it would evolve into something bigger.

This is also the month where I dropped of the radar on writing blog posts. Sorry to everyone, but there was a gap in time that I just didn’t have the time to update. My resolution this year is to write more though. We’ll see how that goes considering that was also my resolution last year:)


Sadly we got the news that Scotty’s granny passed. She was loved by all and left a big hole in the Symm family. She was a feisty 98 years old when she passed. Scotty and I travelled to Texas for her funeral. It was incredible to learn more about her life. The church that held her funeral was also the church that she was baptized in and married. What an incredible story to know how much that church really meant to her. It was hard to watch Scotty’s mom and what she was going through. She’s such a strong gal, but it was hard to let go. We fit in a lot the weekend we were there. Granny’s funeral was Friday, Saturday was the 50th wedding anniversary for Scotty’s uncle and then Sunday was the Symm family reunion. We fit lots of family time in there that weekend. I couldn’t begin to tell you the names of all of the family I met. Let’s just say that Scotty has a LARGE family tree.

We also welcomed Scotty and my family to our house. It was our first overnight stay for a large group of people and our house didn’t collapse or run out of hot water! Scotty’s parents travelled by train from Texas and stayed for the week. We were tourists – doing brewery tours in Fort Collins, visiting the Denver mint, wine tasting and jazz in the park. We also hosted a BBQ at our hose where my mom, Coop, dad, Lori, Tate and Lyndsey all came over for dinner. While the stress of hosting a dinner where food needs to all be done at the same time is somewhat similar to an anxiety attack, I really did enjoy it. We laughed a lot, caught up on everyones business and just relaxed. It was nice to see the tables turn and now I’m hosting for my family while they enjoy the time not cooking or cleaning.


We hosted our friends for Fourth of July. I think it’s safe to say that this year’s theme was ‘dinner parties’. We had such a blast! The highlight for Scotty would be the boys racing against cars while on foot on York street while Scotty was waving the American flag like it’s a race flag. My highlight would be to just have all of our friends both Scotty’s and mine under one roof. We stayed up way to late and felt headaches like none other, but it was all worth it.IMG_3820

Our anniversary was coming up, but I had a previous date set to help my mom do something the weekend of our anniversary. So instead, we bundled up a trip that Scotty had to make for work to Crested Butte and made it our anniversary weekend celebration. We went out to some great restaurants, hiked, laid by the pool and hit up the farmers market. It was the perfect get away. We also ran into the nicest people. Every where we went someone would strike up a conversation and we would talk football, or colorado or something else. It was nice to be in a small town again and feel that closeness.

Amber and her boy came out to visit for a weekend as well. Nothing makes me feel more old than all of us college girls getting together and thinking we can party like we could in college. We had a blast doing a 80’s pub crawl, but I had a hangover headache for a week after that. Ohhhh we are certainly getting older, that’s for sure:(


12 of us flew up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to run my 2nd relay race (most of the others it’s their 3rd or 4th). This race was different than last year. Last year I had shorter legs and somewhat easier ones. This years consisted of a 6.5 miler, 4 and 4 running through the Grand Tetons and I was the last leg to boot. What a trip it was. It tested almost all of my emotions. Running the 6 miler with a hill that jump 500 feet in elevation tested me, running at 4 am for 4 miles cleansed me and the final 4 where everyone was partying at the end and I was running during the heat of the day tested me. I cried a few times during my run before the emotions left me breathless. I spoke to Leanne and I vented about things. I recapped the year and my life with Scotty. He’s a huge reason why I did this. He pushed me the entire time. What a truly amazing trip it was. We spent the days in the car in between legs and would keep everyone motivated for their legs and well hydrated and fed. There is nothing better and more accomplishing than something like this and doing it with such a great group of friends made it even better.IMG_3529

Our anniversary was also another great highlight. Scotty and I treated ourselves to an amazing dinner. We dressed up and did the whole shebang. It was great and so thankful to celebrate a great year with my handsome husband. Some warned us to say that the first year was tough and it was. We had a lot of things put in place that tested our relationship. But we grew stronger for it and it was worth it. I love that man more and more every day.

Best of August:


September was a whirlwind. We spent a lot of time out of town with family and went on a trip with friends to Charleston to see A&M play. It was the perfect beach vacation spent with amazing company. My girlfriend Stacy and her husband came along with some of Scotty’s friends and it was the perfect blend. We stayed in a little sleeper town where we could walk from our HUGE beach house into the town for dinner and going out. We had amazing southern food and lots of hurricanes.. oy vey!IMG_3701

I also had the chance to see my first every professional golf tournament. Stacy, Sean, Scotty and I spent a Saturday at the BMW Classic. I can’t quite describe the experience. Golfers were very serious and it’s an extremely quiet game. Nonetheless, we had our own fairshare of fun. There is a bar close to almost every hole. We would grab a drink walking to the next hole and watch all the top players tee off. Stacy and I think we kind of ruined Rory’s game after we waived at him and he biffed the next ball. :) At least, that’s what we like to tell ourselves. The sun was beautiful and we had a blast.IMG_3753

I mainly spent the month of September training during the weekend for my half-marathon and Scotty would spend his weekends watching football – win-win!

Best of August:


Oh October…. what a month. Lots of fun was had in October. Tate, mom and I had the chance to go to Iceland for reconiscense work for mom and her new hot springs and made a fun family trip around it.  I also ran my first half-marathon! What an incredible experience. I was living a high the entire time during my run, literally gleaming! I have never pushed myself so hard and it was incredibly rewarding. I would like to say that I’ve kept the running up since then, but let’s be honest. The holidays got in the way and now I’m hating having to run inside on a treadmill now that it’s dark and dreary outside.Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.09.48 AM

Best of October:


Scotty and I celebrated my birthday with incredible friends. I’m so fortunate to have amazing people who came over for game night at our house. I love love love having people over to our house. I wish I would have latched on to this a lot earlier in life:)

We also spent Thanksgiving with Scotty’s family in Texas and ‘managed’ to fit in an A&M game versus Alabama. Don’t ask Scotty how it ended. We ended up our trip in Texas visiting Scotty’s dad’s side for his cousins wedding. Who knew Texas could be so cold in the Winter? But it was a good time.


So, I pretty much fell off the radar at the end of the year. Scotty and I were just passing off our sickness back and forth and it felt like ages before I started to feel better. We both got the flu and bronchitis at some point. How hot are inhalers?! None the less, we closed out 2014 very low key. We spent the holidays with my parents in Glenwood and enjoyed just relaxing.

Here’s to 2014 and an even better 2015!


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  1. I just love reading your blog, what wonderful memories you are making and still manage to honor the bad ones as an experience to make it a better world!
    Proud of you Schnickler!

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