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Earth Hour – An Hour Away From March Madness

I work at an engineering firm and we always focus on a few global earth events a year. This year the Asia Pacific offices were really keen to celebrate Earth Hour and so I thought it would be a fun idea for Scotty and I to do something for Earth Hour. It’s one hour of no lights and no electricity on March 23rd starting at 8:30pm. Our friends had a surprise birthday party that we were invited to on Saturday so that didn’t work out very well, so Scotty and I decided to do Earth Hour the following (Sunday) evening. I knew that Scotty wasn’t going to be happy when I pitched the idea (being it was in the midst of March Madness). He grumbled and agreed since I had been literally watching basketball non-stop that weekend.

So, I lit as many candles as we owned at 8:30 and we turned off the lights and took out our games. Choice of the night? Trivial Pursuit. It may have been a bit hard to read at times but we had a great (non-distracting) hour just the two of us to unwind from the weekend and just have fun. I really enjoyed that hour. I hope Scotty did too. I know there were a few moments when he wanted to get up to check the clock to see when the hour was over, I think he’s just restless in general, but March Madness basketball scores certainly didn’t help ease his mind.

The hour came and went and the TV quickly was back on and back to normalcy. I almost wished for another hour, but I’ll take what I can get. I do hope that we can do something like this more frequently.

Earth Hour 2013

Lesson learned: We only had fragrant candles. Next time, choose candles that don’t have an overpowering smell. Hello headache!


Planning for a future is tough work

A few weeks ago Scotty and I did our registry.  We decided to do it over a few weekends because A) I didn’t want to have to deal with him having a meltdown in the aisle between towels and bedding in Target and B) it might be the most draining process I’ve been through.

I have a tough time making decisions. In fact I’ll stew on something for weeks before I make a final decision. So, imagine going through three stores and theoretically buy for an entire household. I had done research online and knew what things we needed and took inventory of our house being that we just moved in together and had more ‘stuff’ than we knew what to do with.  So, needless to say, I was prepared.

Our first stop was Crate & Barrel. What a breeze! Scotty wasn’t happy because they didn’t have a scanning gun, just something that looked similar to an iphone. I was worried I lost him when he realized that he couldn’t ‘shoot’ things. But he was a trooper. He kept complaining that they really should have a bar and ESPN there, but the gal that was helping got a kick out of it…I did not. I just wanted to get out of there!  But this is where my anxiety set in. We’re deciding the entire motif of our kitchen, living room, bar, everything!  Dear lord, this is something that will stick with us for a long time. Not to mention that we don’t think we’ll be living in this house for very long, so we’re just dreaming about what we need. We were really fortunate that the gal at Crate & Barrel didn’t pressure us and was very patient. We were there for several hours.

No bath towel or measuring cup is safe
No bath towel or measuring cup is safe

After finishing up and feeling completely satisfied, we ventured over to Bed, Bath & Beyond. That’s where I lost Scotty. A&M men’s basketball was beginning to tip off and I knew that his mind was elsewhere. So, we signed up and then got our scanner, an iPhone looking thing AGAIN!  When are these places going to learn that this is the ONLY THING that these men look forward to? It’s the only thing that keeps them feeling masculine. They’re shopping for bath mats and fine china. The least these stores can do is give them a gun (scanner) to make them feel like they still have their manhood. I lost Scotty for good when we went into looking at Pots & Pans. I let him go to the bars to watch the game with his buddies and thinking to myself that I wish I was going with.  Here’s the thing about BBB. They require someone to be with you the entire time! Jamie, our gal, was very helpful and nice, but it was very exhausting having someone with me the entire time. I just wanted to wander around. Instead we would go section by section and she would try and upsell me to the biggest and the best almost everytime. It was very tiring having to say no so often. It’s also no surprise to anyone who knows me that I am no domestic goddess  but Jamie just didn’t understand that. “What do you mean you don’t need pie weights?” “Oh, you really are going to need pyrex cookware” “You’re going to regret not registering for fine china””You really should register for that UBER expensive serving dish”. I soon gave up myself after that. It was a long day and I just didn’t have the energy.  I told Jamie that I would be back, but knew full well that I would complete the rest of my registry online in the comfort of my own home and with a HUGE glass of wine handy.

I gave myself a few weeks off in between our next registry, Target. I just didn’t have it in me to continue after that long Saturday. Scotty and I thought it would be great to go after work one day so we didn’t have to battle the crowds. Good and bad choice because we ended up running out of time. Anyway, the shopping gods were on our side that night because Target has a GUN!  Oh Scotty was in absolute heaven. He immediately scanned a few things as he was walking around just to see if it works. If you see a sports bra and a bathing suit on our registry, you’ll know the culprit.

We cruised the entire store. I always thought that a registry was for the necessities of a home. I quickly realized that Scotty did not feel the same. He was shooting footballs, ear buds, speakers, etc. Looking back, I’m really glad that he was getting more entertaining things than just bath sets, because that is something that we as a couple will enjoy together as well. Heck, I might enjoy camping now that we have new sleeping bags!   I also realized that he and I have very different taste. He would suggest this, and I would be thinking something completely different. I wanted him to feel included and that his opinion really does matter, and it did. I didn’t want to tell him no constantly and then lose him since he didn’t feel like his presence was necessary. So, I’d agree, but in my mind think, oooh, I’ll change that later. Horrible, I know, but that was the only way we could get things done. We may (or may not) be getting that 4 foot tall wood vase. :)

We were in bedding and heard over the intercom that we had 15 minutes until closing. Frantic, I still had grocery shopping to do for the weeks worth of dinners so Scotty and I split up and left him in charge of bedding and bath. How cool am I? I’m sure he was a kid during that time, just running around tagging things. Side note: I went online later to check up on his scans and he did such a great job! I haven’t changed anything and that’s pretty good for me.

The summary of doing registry shopping is to not require the man to do it all. Pick and choose which places are most important and include them when you think its most enjoyable. I would never suggest BBB. Target probably is the most ideal situation for couples since they HAVE THE GUN and they have other things than domestic goods like games, sports equipment, etc.

We are so excited to see our house evolve into a home.


I Found THE One!

Ok, maybe I already found him, but I found THE dress!  What a weekend. My mom came down to Denver and I had quite the line up planned for dress shopping. Little did I know that she had planned for a surprise limo rider to all of the shops with my bridemaids Laurie, Stacy and April. Talk about shopping in style!  We popped a few bottles on our way to the first stop so we knew it was going to be a good day already.

I did find a few great ones during the first stop but nothing really caught my eye. It was the second stop where I went to Blue Bridal downtown Denver that I found the one and only.  I just knew when I turned the corner and heard gasps from all of the girls and when I looked in the mirror, I knew it!  Just knew that it was perfect! It was nothing like I had ever seen. No, it’s not black, and it’s not short or skanky, but it’s different.  I completely fell in love. I head heard that I would get that feeling when I know it’s it, and I 100% felt that feeling.  It was unreal. My mom cried and friends cheered. What a great day. I can’t wait to walk down that aisle.

For a few laughs, I’ve provided a few snaps of some of the ‘gems’ I tried on.

photo 4
A celebration afterwards! No, the dress to the left is not the one I chose.
photo 2
This one had a special pouch. We think it was to hold tissues or my cell phone.
photo 1
Gorgeous! but way way way too much going on. And how was I even able to sit?
photo 3
Couldn’t even keep this one on. Not a good sign.