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One Year of Memories

NewOrleans.jpgWow, a year ago I was feverishly planning the finishing details on seating arrangements, décor, spray tans and cake filling while the two of us were also joining bank accounts, planning an amazing beach getaway and looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family. I cannot believe it’s been a year – It sounds cliché, but it truly feels like yesterday. I wouldn’t change anything about our big day; I still can’t stop grinning by all of the surprises, tears and laughs from our day. I wish we could do it over again. I wouldn’t take anything back from that day, well except for getting more hours back to be able to spend quality time with everyone. But I relive our day very often.

Being around the time of our anniversary, we wanted to share what we’ve been up to. You’ve meant so much to us, a vital part to us as individuals and as a married couple, that we hope to continue with updates each and share who we’ve become as the Horton’s.

Scotty and I have moved full steam ahead in married life. The typical jokes of spending our Saturdays at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Home Depot are very very true. In April we purchased our first home together. We spent a few months looking and it wasn’t easy. The Denver market is tough, but we found a gem in Whittier, an area close to downtown just north of City Park. We spent a month gutting it out while living in our apartment downtown. I can’t tell you it was easy. Each night we would come to our new home and paint, scrape, bolt – until we ran empty. My innate attention to detail and Scotty being colorblind made for some interesting scenarios but we knew we wanted to get it done. Looking back today, I’m glad we did so much then, but wow, it was grueling. Our cute 1907 brick home had a new paint job inside and out, new kitchen tile and backsplash, spiffy new counters a complete master bath overhaul, and refinished floors. We now have a deck to design and gardening to do, but the house is nearly finished and we have enjoyed breaking it in. Every one of you has helped contribute in this happiness we call home. From your words of advice, to your wedding contributions and thoughts and prayers; we are reminded of what great friends and family we have daily in our house. I’m so proud of what we’ve done to the house. Scotty has learned so much about construction and he’s done some amazing transformations to our house. I’m so happy every time I walk into the door. We look forward to having everyone over.

BeforeafterLivingRoom.jpg Kitchen Backyard

We’ve gone on several trips this year and are planning a few more. Between the house and our scheduled trips, we’ve been busy; but we continue to stick to our rule of a once a week date night where we discover a new restaurant in Denver and we’ve been so fortunate to spend time with our friends and family. I’m more and more infatuated with my husband and he continues to be my biggest fan in life. No matter hard life gets, I know that he’s always by my side and there to make me laugh. I couldn’t be happier.

What a year it has been! Thank you again for sharing our day with us. Time to celebrate!



bridal party

Our Wedding

His Side:

What can I say…it was perfect…no, it was better than perfect.  Going into the weekend, all I could think about was getting through the tedious planning that remained (really, more like tolerating my anxious bride to be who did all of the planning and not upsetting her) and celebrating with family and friends.  I was also excited about how me and my guys would look in our tight fitting wedding suits (seriously…they were “slim fit”…good thing I lost some weight before the wedding) and how Piper would look the second she stepped down the aisle.  She didn’t disappoint, but more on that later…

Skipping past all of the pre-wedding festivities, like golf with the dads and groomsmen, the rehearsal dinner and spending time with family…all of which were fun and made the wedding weekend great…let me focus on the wedding day itself!

Well, first it was corralling a bunch of slightly hung-over groomsmen and finding missing items such as phones, luggage etc that were left in a car at the place where we had the rehearsal dinner.  Obviously, it was a good party …and hey, at least we didn’t drive.  Thankfully we had my now father in law drive some of my groomsmen from the dinner to …another bar…where we continued to party.  Despite that my groomsmen tried to convince my father in law that I “wasn’t interested in ladies” and that Piper could do way better (that part is true), he agreed to let the festivities continue.

Anyway, back to corralling my guys.  So we finally gather our belongings from the night before and proceed to the brewhouse (is there a theme here??) pub to have lunch, talk (some cried, but I won’t name names) about my last hours as a single guy and watch golf (football hadn’t started yet).  As soon as we finish lunch, it starts to rain…and I mean like Noah’s ark type rain.  Kind of got me nervous, but then I wondered how nervous Piper was feeling.  We made a pact not to talk that day or see each other to build up the excitement, so I could only wonder.  I was wondering what she was thinking about and how her day was going.  I just kept thinking how lucky I was to be marrying such a great gal and have my best buddies there to celebrate with me.

I think I should add here that b/c of the events above and having to watch Tiger for one more hole and then listening to my Best Man convince me to have one more drink at the hotel bar…I only had 20 minutes to get ready.  Yep…20.  Miraculously, I didn’t cut myself shaving and managed to get the necessary articles of clothing on to make it to the shuttle to take us to the reception.  I figured my “getting ready” was slightly different and “truncated” from Piper’s…nonetheless, I thought we (guys) all looked representable and headed off to the place where we were having our ceremony.

I felt bad for the driver on the way to the ceremony as the guys kept trying to shout out different directions…apparently they were trying to give him directions to Mexico.  Fortunately, I was in the front seat and told him not to listen to the circus in the back and we got to the ceremony…on time….which is a miracle in itself for me.

Then we take pictures….most of which my beautiful soon to be bride would approve…some, not so much.  It was fun either way and it was great to have the dads and groomsmen/ushers all there to laugh and joke around with.  I am lucky to have such a great group of friends.  Meanwhile, my excitement and nervousness is building.  I can’t wait to see Piper in her dress and I’m just kind of reminiscing about big events in my life that have lead me to this.  I know I will remember this day for the rest of my life!  I’m thinking about my first homerun in little league, first touchdown I scored, first points I scored in basketball, my baptism, first time I broke 100 in golf, first A&M game I went to….all of which I can’t remember and these should be huge moments in my life.  It just made this moment that much bigger, b/c I will always remember the first time I met Piper, our first kiss and now our wedding day.  I now know what Forrest Gump was talking about.

Ok, so on to the actual event.  It was fun visiting with friends/family in the hour or so leading up to kickoff (guy term for start of the wedding).  I thought that part of our wedding was unique and fun…and highly recommended for those of you planning a wedding.   Again, this whole time, I kept thinking about what Piper would look like in her wedding dress, if I would forget one of my lines, trip/fall, pee my pants etc.   Basically, I’m getting nervous, but having a few beers to calm my nerves…which made me have to pee and get more nervous and made me think more about my anxiety of peeing my pants in front of the crowd.  It was a vicious cycle.  I should say that everything about the venue, the decorations, the mountain setting and even the weather clearing up was perfect.  It couldn’t have been better.  I wasn’t surprised though, b/c those of you that know my now wife, know she plans for everything and is meticulous in her planning.  To say she is detailed oriented is a huge understatement…which is great, b/c I like to cruise at about 30,000 feet.  In short, I did very little in the planning process and everything turned out beautiful.  I got my guys there on time, relatively sober, and we looked good…I thought I was exceeding expectations.

We go line up and I’m more nervous than I was in my high school playoff game playing the #1 team in the state….or when A&M played Alabama last year…very nervous.  Worst part is that the crowd is facing me b/c…well, b/c we are in front and there was nothing else to look at, other than the gorgeous mountains in the background.  Maybe they were looking at the mountains?  I digress.  It was nerve racking.  Out comes Piper’s sister Lyndsey followed by the other girls and I’m thinking…here we go.  I’m half shaking and half excited and thinking…just don’t cry. All of the girls looked stunning! Even my best man muttered that this was the best looking wedding party he had ever seen (mainly the girls…obviously).

Out walks Piper.  Wow!! She is gorgeous. Breathtaking!  I’m thinking, how did I land this chick?  Is this a dream?  Fortunately, by that time, no one was looking at me as all eyes were focused on her, so they didn’t see me shed a tear.  I was discrete about it, but I will admit that I cried tears of joy.  It took me 34 years to get here and patience paid off.  I married the girl of my dreams!  Also, I nailed my lines, we finished the ceremony, heard great, tear-jerking speeches from our friends and Piper’s dad (yep, I did a lot of crying this day) and partied like it was the best day ever…b/c it was!

Thank you to my beautiful bride for walking down that aisle.  You are definitely the best memory in my life and I hope to create many more.

Her Side:

I wasn’t one of those girls that dreamt of my wedding when I was growing up and hadn’t thought about much of it until Scotty and I started dating. I noticed that more and more we got serious, the more I dreamt about our wedding venue location or time of year. I never really had an idea on wedding dress or colors or style, so that was the most overwhelming thing when we got engaged. I was starting with a clean slate. I had NO CLUE what type of wedding I wanted.  I can say, that despite having no vision, our day was perfect, it far exceeded any vision that I would have had over the past 9 months of meticulous planning.

I had a PowerPoint slide for everything, the table display and seating chart, it was crazy. People who know me aren’t shocked by that, but it was all I could do to keep my life in order. Scotty and I had moved this summer, we were planning a wedding, and I was working a lot. A lot of life’s challenges had been thrown my way and I wanted to make sure that no curve balls would be thrown my way during the day that would forever be in our memory books. But I remember the night of the rehearsal dinner when we had our scheduled rehearsal with the wedding party. Our event coordinator Erin said to me, ‘Piper, you just have to let the memories take over’ and that was it. I think at that moment, I knew that everything that I could have done, was done. Now, it was time to let everything fall into place and let the memories take over.

I woke up the morning of the wedding so well rested. All of the girls had slept in two rooms at the hotel  so we had a chance to chat before bed and wake up my last day as a single gal together. There was no panic, no ‘OMG, I’m getting married today and I’m nervous’ moment, it was so purposeful.

We spent the day, all the gals and my mom getting glammed. Hair and makeup, the whole team was there. I had the most amazing glam squad! We laughed and caught up on all of the gossip, shed a few tears (happy ones of course), took a few shots of Tuaca (thanks mom) and blissfully spent my last few hours of being a Fairbanks surrounded by those that are closest to me. It was a memory that I will forever hold close to my heart. Despite being behind and not having time for photos, I was zipped into my dress and we were on our way to Aspen Glen.

I can’t believe how quickly time flew by until I was walking down the aisle trying all I could to hold it together. I almost had a moment of panic when I started to walk down the aisle and there were a dozen umbrellas up. Another surprise that my mom had kept was that my Swiss family, and a tradition that goes back for years, line up down the aisle with something that is a hobby to the bride and groom. If you’re a skier, they line the aisle with ski’s, if your in the army they line it with swords. They didn’t know our hobby (thankfully they didn’t because it would have probably been something A&M related;)) but they chose these wonderfully red Swiss umbrella’s, it was the perfect touch of color. I slowly walked the aisle – my mom on my left and my dad on my right, giving me all the love and support before I begin my new journey in life. I definitely lost it when I set my eyes on Scotty and I knew he had been crying. A small tear fell down from his cheek and I wanted to reach out and hug and kiss him so badly. He was so handsome! He had a smile like none that I have ever seen, his suit was so perfect tailored he just made me melt. 

The ceremony went off like a hitch, tears were shed, rain drops fell slightly and people laughed. It was our moment, our time to share our love for each other with everyone in our lives who have touched us. There were a few times that I remember pinching his hands or whispering I love you because that was for he and I just to just know. I wanted him to know that despite the 8+ hours it took to get me wedding ready, that it’s just me, funny awkward me under all the layers of makeup.  We would smile at each other and I was so at ease. I couldn’t believe all that had transpired over the last three and a half years to get to this point.

My brother said a saying during the ceremony that I will never forget. I of course, cried.

May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace.
May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase.
Be no worse than the happiest day of your past.
May your hands be forever clasped in friendship
And your hearts joined forever in love.
Your lives are very special,
God has touched you in many ways.
May his blessings rest upon you
- Celtic Wedding Blessing

We quickly took photos with friends and family and then it was off to the party. Great food, awesome speeches, lots of hugs, and an abundance of laughter. It all went to perfectly.  Scotty and I were able to meet with so many of our friends and family. We danced with some, we ate with some and we drank with some. It was the perfect evening. We even had those moments where he and I would just take it in. We wanted to absorb all of the love that was in the room. I saw my dad laughing with some of his buddies from High School, I saw my mom hugging family that had flown around the world to come to this day, and I saw my friends eating at the same table that we hadn’t done so in months. What an honor to have all of these fantastic people here to celebrate with us.

We danced the night away until it quickly became 11pm, and time to call it a night. I seriously didn’t want the night to end. What a memorable night. I’m so thankful that I truly found my soulmate. Someone who is always there to make me laugh, keep me smiling and is my best friend. I’m MARRIED, to a damn fine looking man!

My mom and Coop had spent all day ensuring that everything was taken care of. There aren’t enough words to say how thankful I am and appreciative for all that they did. Everyone was so helpful, but my mom was my rock. She was my go-to for anything and she secretly was also doing behind the scenes wedding planning that I didn’t even know about. So, when I passed the roundabout and there was a sign that said Scott <3 Piper with an arrow pointing to the venue, that had my mom’s name all over it. When I walked through the reception to just take in all that was going on, that had my mom’s name all over it. I will never be able to truly thank her for what she did.  

I can’t believe how quickly it went by, it just went like a blurr and so badly now I want to go back and relive it. I’d like to leave behind the stresses of wedding planning, but can we just do a do-over for the wedding again?

Thank you to all of our friends and family, near and far, who made our day so special to us.

dad ScottPiper-171ScottPiper-367mom and piperScottPiper-330ScottPiper-356bridesmaids copyPiper on her way (2)guys group 3guys shoesScottPiper-424

forever starts hereScottPiper-426Walking down the aisle

aisle 2ScottPiper-459ScottPiper-488just married

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table tents coozies cakedancing dad and piper dancing Call me maybe Scotty and kids dancingnancy and scotty Karys and Piper ScottPiper-1012 ScottPiper-879 ScottPiper-736 ScottPiper-731 ScottPiper-7071236936_10201830491306308_969176313_n

Vendors – Venue: Aspen Glen | Cake: City Market | Officiant: Roy Altman | Flowers: Flowers N Such | Makeup: Erin Richey | Hair: Kathy Guiliano | Videography: Larisa Graham | Photography: Sarah Overbeck | Wedding Dress: La Sposa from Blue Bridal | The Gents Attire: Marc Ecko Slim Fit from Men’s Warehouse | Bridesmaids and Mom: Donna Morgan from Nordstrom |  Coozies: Kustom Koozies |

Pottery, Cookbooks and Cheeseboards – Oh my!

Now that we’ve somewhat settled down (emphasis on ‘somewhat’), we have had a chance to open our wedding gifts. While I think it’s created a bit of a panic in Scotty…’Another PLATTER?’ He did calm down today when he opened up a box only to find a beautiful toolbox. I imagined that’s how he looked at me the first time he met me, but this was a look like none-other. I don’t know if he was happy about the actual gift, or the fact that it wasn’t a kitchen utensil.

None-the-less, we’ve enjoyed playing house with our new stuff. Wood masks from my Swiss relatives might have topped one of the most interesting gifts of all times, but every gift was so special to us.  Every time we use each item, it’s such a great reminder of our special day and our amazing friends and family.

Now, off to play house!

Used my new onion goggles. Hell yeah I have onion googles. Not a tear was shed cutting those onions.
Used my new onion goggles. Hell yeah I have onion googles. Not a tear was shed cutting those onions.


A wedding gift that Scotty and I will never forget (not even therapy can do that)
A wedding gift that Scotty and I will never forget (not even therapy can do that)