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Painful Goodbyes

d1ae31f12bcee3df1c6b173865eda97cI find myself today at a loss. It’s a day where I think that life just isn’t fair, that there is often more loss in life than birth and it’s just. not. fair. But I do know one thing, life is fragile. The friends and family that I think I’ve said that I love them too much, I really haven’t said it enough. And the friends and family that I think I see all too often, I really don’t. And those who reach out, really do need an open heart.

I would give so much just to turn back time and hear those last few words from her. “The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said and never explained. “I would give anything to respond back to her last email to me. But I can’t. All I can do is move forward. Not move on, not forget, but move forward and carry her memory.

Life’s twists and turns are meant to put things into perspective. That the daily grind is only that. That gossip or drama is only that, but friends and family are the impression and legacy we want to have and keep.

What we all loved so greatly about her was her ability to bring people together. I know that the friends that I met through her will be lifelong. Last night, we all got together to support each other and took a drink of her favorite…a white russian. While we can never see her again, she’s with us in each of our friendships and gatherings here on out. 


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” My heart is heavy, and there is a gaping hole that will never get filled by the personality and love of life that she had. We will cherish our memories with her, always.

What’s Behind the Name?

When I originally started looking at wedding websites, I thought all of the wedding websites were too cookie cutter and just didn’t show our personality. So, I decided to start a blog and make it a website.  The thought is that we’ll make it a website where all of the information is available on our wedding but after we get married this can be turned into a blog where we can report and write on our daily happenings from newlyweds to kids, we’d like to have once place to keep track on what’s going on!

So, what’s in the name? Scotty and I have similar interests like trying new restaurants in Denver, love to be social and will dress up for any costume party, and are more city folks. But, he is also a ying to my yang. He loves sports and I love shopping. He enjoys country and I love top 40. I love to dress up and he loves to wear jeans and a T. Now, some of these things have changed since we met eachother. I used to have my motorcycle license and now we cruise around Denver on a moped. I’ve learned to tw0-step and understand and watch more college football than I ever thought! Scotty had endured his fair share of shopping experiences and he now enjoys to dress up and cook on weeknights. Thus, the name cowboy boots and sequins. They’re like ying and yang but they are perfect together!