Our Story


It was July 3rd and I met up with Amber at her apartment complex, Common’s Park. It was a beautiful summer day and we wanted to just lay out at the pool and relax before heading out to the bars downtown that night to see the fireworks. The ‘relaxing’ part lasted only for about 5 minutes, because the pool became quite the pool party. Amber and I were playing beer pong, listening to great music and just hung out with friends all day. It was late in the afternoon and a few more guys got into the pool and kind kept to themselves.  I didn’t really talk to them since I was talking to a few other people, but Amber chatted with them for a bit and it sounded like she knew them. After a while, they left the pool and went over the hot tub. The sun started going down and Amber went into the hot tub to warm up. I stayed chatting with the few people in the pool but decided to go into the hot tub to warm back up.  I get in and Amber immediately goes…’hey Piper, are you single?’ huh?? My best friend asking me if I’m single…what’s going on? I know I’m single, but something is clearly up.  “Yesssss?”  ‘Good’ she says. Phew, that was the correct answer. She then goes, ‘Well, I have this friend, I’ve known him for a while, he’s nice, handsome, does really well and I give him my seal of approval.’ I’m nodding… ‘Would you be interested in meeting him?’ ‘Um, errrr, ummm, sure’. She then steps aside and I’m staring straight at Scotty. Amber goes, ‘Good! I’d like you to meet Scotty. You two should talk’  Both Scotty and I looked at each other like a deer in headlights and both wave at each other like school children. ‘Hi!’

Time passes and he and I had talked about where he’s from, what I’m up too, etc.  We both didn’t realize how much we had shriveled in the hot tub and knew it was time to go. The sun had gone down, my sunburn was starting to show, and I needed to go home so that I could shower and get ready for the night. We both walk out of the hot tub, I go to dry off and so does he – both at separate sides of the pool. Amber immediately comes up to Scotty and asked him if he had gotten my phone number. Tongue tied, he comes up to me (tail between his legs) since he realized his lack of game and asked me for my number. I obliged and we said our goodbyes. No hug, no ‘let’s hang out later’. By all accounts, Scotty had lackluster performance at trying to pick up chicks, that was very apparent that day.

He also broke the cardinal rule that night as well. He sent me a text a few hours later to see what I was up too!  We tried to coordinate meeting times, but with the 4th of July fireworks and Scotty being on a ‘heater’ at the ping-pong table we just never met up that night.  Note how I said ping-pong, not beer pong table, that should have been a cue that night that he was a nerd. :)

We texted over the next few days, but since it was my last few days of grad school and I still was keeping up with my dating life, no days except for a Wednesday night worked for our first date.

I’ll never forget the butterfly’s that I had, the paranoia about my outfit and hair and makeup before he picked me up that night. But for some reason when I got in his car, I just felt so at ease. We ended up going to the wine bar (where we also got engaged) for our first date. We sat by the window, ate a few cheese plates and shared a few glasses of wine. Drinking, laughing and hearing all about each other the night went by so quickly.  We just clicked. And at the end of the night when he went in for the kiss, it just felt right. It felt like this moment was meant to happen so long!

I found out later that Scotty was so nervous he didn’t want to eat too much during our date that after he dropped me off and he immediately went to McDonalds and porked out on a Big Mac.

True love!

Ha ha…I like how this section is called “Scotty’s Versions”, when in reality, it’s the Truth!  “The Truth” above is some sad, modified, twisted version of what really happened.  So, without further delay, here’s how it went down.

So, being the prized bachelor that I was, I was obviously dating multiple women at the time….obviously.  I decided to meet up with some friends at one of our favorite summertime hangouts – the Commons Park Apartments Pool – where I lived for the first 5 years in Denver until management encouraged me and my roommates (Josh and Jason – both of which I knew from my days at A&M) to find another place because we were harassing the younger female tenants.  So, I grew up and bought a house in the highlands…see, I have some sense of responsibility.

Anyway, so I arrived at the pool and was greeted by my guests…all of which were anxiously waiting to see me…are you seeing a theme here?  So after saying my hello’s and other pleasantries, I began to take my shirt off and oil up….and strip down to my masculine speedo.  This act attracted several female observers, one of which was the lucky “future Mrs. Horton”….aka Piper Fairbanks.  I could tell immediately she was a smitten kitten, so I approached.   When I pushed through the crowd of guys that were surrounding her beauty, I gave a cool, casual hello and introduction.  I could tell she was short of breath and so surprised that  I picked her out of the heard so I was patient while she introduced herself to me.  I immediately thought she was a cool chick, so I asked for her digits and let her know that I would try to fit her into my busy schedule.

Of course, she began texting me within minutes….which I’m used to, so it didn’t turn me off.  I mean lets face it…have you seen me?!?  I would begin texting me right away too…I mean, just listen to how perfect and humble I am.  Back to the topic.  So, she kept asking me to meet up with her at one   of our other favorite summer hot spots – the Downtown Tavern rooftop patio bar.  I admit…I have spent many useful hours at this place in the past as it is known as prime hunting grounds for us alpha males.  However, I was at another bar on the other end of downtown and I was in the middle of a heater….I was currently 7-0 on the ping-pong table…and you never walk away from a table while you are on a heater.  It’s a rule.

So, long story short, I finally called her back, we arranged a time during the week to meet for a glass of wine…which was difficult, b/c I was so busy and had like 13 dates already lined up that week.  So, I made a few cancellations and made it happen.  We had a great time, I learned more about this hot, intriguing, smart, successful person, scheduled a 2nd date and the rest is history.  Oh and even though she was begging for more, I only gave her a kiss on the cheek on our first date.  I’m definitely glad I went to the pool that day, returned her call, freed up my schedule, b/c I’ve never been happier and never met a girl that makes me want to be a better person.  She has truly been a blessing to me…and I’ve enjoyed every day since I met her.

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