AmberAmber {Maid of Honor}- It was stories of bad break-up’s that brought Amber and I together a few years ago. I’ll never forget us sharing coffee and just balling our eyes out at a bagel shop the first day we hung out.  I had met her at CSU before, but we grew a lot closer after that day. But it’s also Amber who brought me the best happiness I could ever find. She introduced Scotty and I (see how we met – since Scotty’s story differs to mine).

Laurie {Matron of Honor}- Lols and I met in a marketing class my Junior (her Senior) year of college. I was quite intimidated by her and her good looks(she’ll say I was just plain bitchy towards her) but it took a while for us to warm up to each other. Thankful that we were placed in the same group in the class we were forced to work together and it was history after that. Laurie married one of the other classmates placed in that group, so I’d like to thank Professor Manning for our compatibility:) Laurie and I have lived together and shared many a shenanigans together in Denver.

AprilApril {Bridesmaid} – April and I bonded when we were roommates for a short stint before she got married. We were friends since college, but it was the 2 bedroom (three roommates and two dogs mind you) and maybe the most taxing living situation that I have ever had that brought April and I together given such a stressful (and emotional) situation.


EmilyEmily {Bridesmaid} – I met Em in a marketing class in college. We quickly became partners-in-crime every Thursday night during college night at Wash Bar in Fort Collins. She would be the one waking me up for my 5am work shift Friday mornings during college after a late night dancing the night before. Emily and I ended up working together post college for several years and roommates as well. We were inseparable post college and sadly she moved to Chicago and now St. Louis, but we remain the best of friends!


LyndseyLyndsey {Bridesmaid} – Lyndsey and I were forced to be together when our parents married:) Just kidding.  I will never forget her obsession with the Spice Girls when we were little and her daily plays and songs that she and her friends would perform for us. Yes, we didn’t meet by choice, but it’s been so great having her as sister to talk about boys, shopping, makeup and our constant battle of CSU vs. CU.  The Rams kicked butt this year in Football, just sayin.  She and I have really gotten closer over the years and am glad that she has now moved back to Colorado so we can see each other more.

StacyStacy {Bridesmaid} – Stac and I became really close when Laurie (my roommate at the time) moved to London for a job. Stac and her now husband Sean were always so welcoming and I became essentially a second roommate living in their guest bedroom on the weekends that summer. Along with Stacy and Sean, Patrick  and Joel, we would tear up Dtown and celebrate every holiday that we possibly could that involved dressing up. It was with Stac and Laurie that Tackle Piper was coined.  Ahhh the memories.


DyerJosh ‘Dyer’ {Best Man} – I’ve known Dyer since my days at Texas A&M University many, many….many years ago.  We first met in A&M’s business school and though we weren’t immediate soul mates, our spirits rekindled in 2005 when I moved to Denver and attended an A&M Alumni Christmas party.  We did the double take…there was music playing, an open meadow and ran to each other like the characters in the Sound of Music.  It was special.  Dyer moved in with “Morris” (see below) and I into our 3 bedroom fraternity house downtown.  Over the next 3+ years we hazed pledges, mingled with the locals and lived like Kings. Dyer showed me valuable things like Kale, vegetables, nutrition, how to save money buy driving a scooter and even how to talk to laides…I mean, let’s face it, I wouldn’t have been able to pick up a special gal like Piper without Dyer’s grooming. Dyer currently works with his dad in their successful family business.  Women love him and Men want to be him! Dyer has been a great comrade to me and someone that can always pick me up when I’m feeling down. He’s one of the smartest, funniest guys I know and he helped shape me into the man I am today.  I couldn’t ask for a better best man.

kadowMatt ‘Kadow’ {Groomsmen} – I met “Kadow” on a sunny, spring afternoon on a rooftop bar in downtown Denver called LODOS.  I met him through my other buddy “Busch” (see below) when he was invited to join us for an afternoon of watching March Madness.  It was an instant match – like we had been set up by E-Harmony or something.  We began hanging out more and found out we had a similar passion for sports, love of family and friends, our faith, business and traveling.  We soon took a trip to Italy together – it was supposed to be a group of four, but the other 2 guys backed out and it became a 2-week man date through the beaches, bars and history of Italy.  We didn’t have one fight the entire time even though my “directional skillz” called for me to “step into the map” on more than one occasion.  We have gone on many trips since. Kadow is a very successful salesman and has the most awesome bachelor pad downtown and throws the sickest parties….i mean study sessions.  Despite his success, he’s one of the most humble guys I know.  Kadow is a very close friend and I’m lucky to have him as a “bro”.  If I ever need to hide a body, I know I can count on him.

morrisJason ‘Morris’ {Groomsmen} – I have known “Morris” for give or take 30 years. Our time goes back to the unique place known as the Grove, Texas where our journey begins.  This may not be 100% accurate, but we believe we are 2nd cousins – my grandpa is his grandpa’s uncle…so not exactly sure what that makes us, but I’m sure it means we are related.  Morris has also been a great friend.  Morris and I were roommates for 2+ years in college at A&M, then took a couple of years off while we agreed to see other people and live in different places and then rekindled in Denver, CO.   We found a place called Commons Park West in downtown Denver and put our roots down there for 5 years until management became concerned that we were trying too hard to hold on to our college experience into our late 20’s / early 30’s.   We then agreed to permanently separate (Morris found a woman to accept him…which is a miracle in itself…and he married her).  Morris and I still get to hang out occasionally when our better halves allow it.  I’ve watched Morris mature from almost burning down our place by leaving a pizza in the oven to becoming a successful construction project manager at a successful construction start-up company in downtown Denver.  I’m proud to call Morris one of my homeboys.

buschChris ‘Busch’ {Groomsmen} – “Busch” and I had more history than we thought when we first met in 2005 in Denver, CO.  I had moved to Denver from San Francisco and was looking for some other crazy Aggies (all Aggies are crazy…and we are proud of it) to hang out with and watch games with.  We were hanging out at a friend’s place when I mentioned that my family had a small ranch in South Texas.  He said his family did too, so he asked me where?  I said “Goliad, TX” and he said that’s where his family’s ranch was and where his mom grew up.  We soon found out that my Dad was in the same grade as his Mom and they went to the same school together – elementary school through High School.  I then heard some pretty funny stories about my Dad in high school…turns out we are pretty similar.  Anyway, Busch is one of the most responsible, trustworthy, kindest guys I know.  I know I can always count on him.  Plus, he’s a great cook, which is one of the reasons why I put on a few lb’s when I moved to Denver.  We have many fond memories of “crashing” at Busch’s place after a solid night at the …ummm, library and Busch getting up to make us all breakfast.  He was the first to grow up, get married and start having a family, so while we don’t get to embrace days like that anymore, we still make it a priority to watch A&M games together.  He’s a great dude and even better friend!

RobRob {Groomsmen} “Robbie”  is one of the most successful guys I know.  I can’t believe he still let’s me hang out with him.  He’s your typical definition of your successful guy next door (he’s a partner in a successful law firm downtown) and yet still drives the same truck that he’s had since high school.  I mean last time I checked the A/C didn’t work, the passenger window didn’t roll down and it hasn’t been washed since 1998.  Seriously though, Robbie was one of the first guys I met at CPW when I moved to Denver.  Robbie helped introduce me to several other great guys and gals that I still have as close friends today. Rob is also the most traveled guys I know.  He’s the only guy I know that will just go to London for the weekend or Argentina for a few days b/c he has time to kill in between running Ironman’s.  The best part ladies, is that not only is he a successful Lawyer, Ironman and world traveler…he’s somehow still single.  Although, that changes on a weekly basis, so you may want to ask first.  Rob’s been a great friend.  He’s someone that always has a great story, a blast to go out with and a friend that is always there for me when I need him.

PatrickPatrick {Groomsmen} – “Murphy” or “Murph” or “Patty” or “Patricia” is like a brother from another mother…only more athletic.  I will always be jealous of him b/c he not only played college baseball, but he got to play at one of the best college baseball venues in the country – “The Box” aka LSU’s baseball stadium.  Since we met – around 2006, Patrick and I have found that we have so much in common that it’s scary.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m hanging out with myself…only a more handsome, cooler version of myself.  Patrick is a great friend and I will always remember the time he took me to my first SEC football game – South Carolina vs Georgia – for his bachelor party.  Yep, Patrick is a UGA Bulldog – which now makes us rivals since we (A&M) joined the SEC.  I’m sad that Patrick moved away to Houston, but we already have plans to hang out many more times in the future.  Patrick is just one of the most genuine, nicest guys I know and I’m so glad to call him my buddy.

mattMatt {Usher} – Matt aka “Skippy” May is my cousin and a good friend of mine.  I’ve watched him grow up from a baby, to a cool, strong, successful grown man.  Matt followed in my footsteps to attend Texas A&M and played in the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band.  He’s also one of  the guys (in addition to Rob) that I get to live vicariously through b/c of his success with the ladies and funny stories and adventures.   Matt is not only a good looking, successful, funny guy, but he’s strong in his faith, which I admire. He’s one of the guys that can quote movies back and forth with me….we can literally have an entire conversation without actually saying anything original.  I also admire his love of his family, friends and others.  He’s the type of guy that will give the shirt off of his back if you need it even if it’s his only one.  I’m proud to call Matt my cousin and buddy.

tateTate {Usher} – “Tater” is Piper’s brother and has become a great friend and brother – in – law.  He’s also one of the smartest guys I know.  Tater is finishing up his masters degree in Engineering at the University of Colorado.  I can’t even imagine what type of math problems he is solving in his classes.  Tater has always welcomed me and made me feel a part of the family.  He’s also hilarious and gets into all kinds of adventures with his buddies.   Ladies, if you are single and looking for a great guy that will end up being very successful, look no further, but don’t wait too long, b/c he has lined up around the block.  I’ m so proud to have Tater as a brother. PS – the mustache is fake. ….sorry ladies.

zacharyZach {Usher} – “Z” aka “Zach attack” or just “Zach” is also a cousin and friend of mine.  Along with Matt, I watched Zach grow into a very suave, genuine, smart and successful grown man.  I like to think that the two of them took after their older cousin, but I think they just learned from my mistakes and became better men.  Zach lives in Austin and is married to a cool lady named Sarah. Zach is also a world traveler and it feels like everytime I talk to him, he is oversees.  I’m so jealous!   Zach is always there when I need him and I’m so proud of the man he has become.